Creating a Character

Ability scores – roll 4d6 and take out the lowest die. Repeat 6 times.

Gold- 150g each

Silver weapons – in Thundoura silver weapons are very important. It is the only way to truly hurt most monsters. When you are giving your character weapons, you may chose a weapon of equal or less value for free. It does not have to be the same type of weapon.
Ex. You buy a greatsword for 25g, you can choose a silver axe worth 20 g.

Also, any silver weapon does 1 die category less, than normal.
Ex. A steel greatsword does 1d10, a silver greatsword does 1d8

Not creating a sentinel- if you decide not to create a sentinel, your character gets the following benefits for balance.
1 extra feat
2 ability points to be added to any ability score
1 extra at will power

If you are going to make a sentinel, pleAse go here for stats and information

Creating a Character

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